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After almost six years, I am finally publishing a new novel. And I have to say, I am pretty nervous about it. Unlike "Mythtefied," in which the entire world was fiction, this one draws upon my life long struggle with anxiety. And it's anxiety provoking to put it out there for the world to ...

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I wish memories were clear. That you could rewind and see exactly what happened. That they weren't a garbled mess where you can't remember the order of events. It's just snip-its. Out of order. Out of context. The next day you remember something that seemed meaningless at the time. But now it doesn'...

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It's the weirdest situation. You don't want to be there. You're literally forced to be there. And these people are putting on this whole production for YOU. Speaking to you. Directing everything to you. You are the most important people in the room, so they repeatedly tell you, and you are like host...

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NIEA Finalist!

I am excited to announce that Mythtefied is a Finalist in this year's National Indie Excellence Awards! It is a great honor!

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At my first book festival, someone asked me a question that caught me off guard, so I didn't have an answer for him at the time.  How did I, a female, end up writing about a male protagonist? My answer was a stupid one.  "Well, most demigods were male in myths."  No wonder h...

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