Camille Michaels

Who are my characters?

17.08.16 12:07 AM Comment(s) By CamilleLMichaels

At my first book festival, someone asked me a question that caught me off guard, so I didn't have an answer for him at the time.  How did I, a female, end up writing about a male protagonist? My answer was a stupid one.  "Well, most demigods were male in myths."  No wonder he just put the book down and walked away.  The truth is, when I am writing, I can be whoever I want to be.  I can be male, female, short or tall, successful or dejected.  Anyone.  Anything.

And another question I get asked is, "which character is based on you?"  And the answer to that, is all of them.  They are all a part of me, some just the smallest or rarest parts, but still me.  Who hasn't felt vanity?  Even if just for a moment?  Then you know how it feels to be vain.  You can roll that into a character so wrapped up in herself that she can't think of anything else.  And who would be the inspiration for that?  Why me, of course.  If I have ever felt the feeling, then I can write it, and imagine it, and create a character to embody it. 

So how did I end up writing about a boy who is a demigod?  Because he's me.  I felt it and embodied it myself so I could write it all down for you.  I am all of my characters, even the male son of a god. 


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